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About Me

Aki Fujita Taguchi - Tokyo, Japan

“Beauty in a moment”

Aki wanted to capture and preserve it by her own way. And in 1992, she fell under a spell of photograph and started shooting in earnest. Around that time, she kept on shooting while traveling around more than 30 countries. In addition, she began to take photos of old buildings, which were in danger of being demolished throughout Japan and band performances at music clubs. In 1996, she got on with the job of development and printing at the laboratory, which has its own studio and worked as an assistant in shooting models, products and at weddings and events. Meanwhile, she gave herself up to working in the darkroom and making monochrome photographs. After this studio work, she entered the field of public relations and become the person in charge of shooting. (In this period, she took the photos of Prime Minister and the Chief Cabinet Secretary!)

In 2016, she was chosen as one of the 55 rock photographers in the world for the first issue of HTBARP (How To Become A Rockstar Photographer) magazine. In January 2017, she got an offer from DALLE, the biggest music photo stock and news agency in France, and made a contract with them as the only Japanese photographer. In 2019, she stared writing live reviews in English in addition to shooting concerts. This challenge gave her more opportunities for photographing bigger shows. 

While shooting musicians, she continues to capture endangered buildings as her lifework. Her architecture photography also has a good reputation. You can find her work in magazines, online, and galleries.

Solo Exhibition:

Oct. 2021 'Social Distancing Tokyo 2020-2021' as part of art project 本と川と街 (KAIKA Tokyo by THE SHARE HOTELS, Tokyo, Japan)

Group Exhibitions:

Upcoming!  July 3-14, 2024 "The Suburbs 2024" (Paper Pool, Tokyo, Japan)

Mar.  2024  GOGO 8! - Paper Pool 8th Anniversary- (Paper Pool, Tokyo)

Dec.  2023 「今年もありがとう!」展、which means “Thanks 2023!” (iia gallery, Tokyo)

Nov. 2023   I WAS HERE   -Tokyo with Covid -19-  (Gallery Dalston, Tokyo)

Sep. 2023  epSITE Premium photo exhibition「感動の一枚」、which means “impressive moment”(epSITE Gallery, Tokyo)

Aug. 2023  Click Again!  (Paper Pool,  Tokyo, Japan)

Jul. 2023  The Suburbs (Paper Pool, Tokyo, Japan)

Apr. 2023   Kyotographie KG+ 'Japan Photo Award  Vol.10 + INTUITION|2023'

  (Gallery 9.5, HOTEL ANTEROOM KYOTO, Japan)

Mar. 2023 「フォト茶」- Photo and Tea -  (iia gallery, Tokyo, Japan)

Mar. 2022 「両国物語」-Ryogoku Story- (PICTORICO Gallery, Tokyo, Japan)

Sep. 2021  Kyotographie KG+2021  'Japan Photo Award Exhibition + INTUITION' (Gallery 9.5, HOTEL ANTEROOM KYOTO, Japan)

Sep. 2021  Competition of Art (Art Gallery M84, Tokyo, Japan)

Sep. 2020  Competition of Art (Art Gallery M84, Tokyo, Japan)

Aug. 2020  Competition of Art (Art Gallery M84, Tokyo, Japan)

Jul. 2019  Competition of Art (Art Gallery M84, Tokyo, Japan)

Jul. 2019  12 minutes - Aki Fujita Taguchi small exhibition ✳︎cells - photo - vol.3 winners group exhibition (76cafe, Tokyo, Japan)

Jun. 2019  Watashi no Kono Ichimai (Irori-Mura 89 Gallery, Osaka, Japan)

May. 2019  cells - photo - vol.3 (Design Festa Gallery West, Tokyo, Japan)

Jan. 2019  Competition of Art (Art Gallery M84, Tokyo, Japan)

Aug. 2018  Shout About It Live 2018 (Constellations, Liverpool, UK)

Jul. 2018  Competition of Art (Art Gallery M84, Tokyo, Japan)


2023 London International Creative Competition (LICC) Official Selection in Shoot (photo/video)

2022 Luxembourg Art Prize (Organized by Pinacothèque Museum) “CERTIFICATE OF ARTISTIC ACHIEVEMENT

2021 LE PRIX DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE DE PARIS (PX3) “State of the World” Shortlisted (Curator Selection)

2021 LE PRIX DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE DE PARIS (PX3) Honorable mention at Professional, Special/ Others “Special” category

2021 Muse Photography Awards Gold Winner at Professional, Fine Art Photography-Night Category

2021 Muse Photography Awards Silver Winner at Professional, Fine Art Photography-Photojournalism Category

2021 Muse Photography Awards Honorable Mention at  Professional, Covid-19 Related Photography 

2021 IPA Honorable mention ×2 at Professional, One Shot - Our Times : Lockdown life & Isolation category

2018 IPA Honorable mention at Professional, Advertising, Music category

2018 IPA One-shot: Harmony Honorable mention (YOKKO) at people category

2018 IPA One-shot: Harmony Honorable mention (Vaiwatt) at people category

2017 TIFA (Tokyo International Foto Awards) Silver award at Advertising, Music category

2017 TIFA (Tokyo International Foto Awards) Bronze award (Deadsquad) at Events, Music category

2017 TIFA (Tokyo International Foto Awards) Bronze award (Vaiwatt) at Events, Music category

2000 FUJIFILM reversal film photo contest winner

2000 General Photographic Exhibition winner


Aki Fujita Taguchi is a published and award-winning concert photographer, based in Tokyo, Japan — but I'll take any opportunity to travel!

When I'm not shooting concerts, you'll find me exploring galleries or museums. Otherwise, I take snapshots on the backstreets with my camera. Yes, I always carry my camera with me...


I'm a freelance photographer, specializing in concert and live-event photography. Every band has a unique style, I always try to catch that!

I'm the only Japanese photographer working with Agency DALLE (France) and INSEARCH (Pakistan). 

My works have been published in magazines like BURRN!, MASSIVE, WeROCK (Japan), Vive Le Rock! (UK), etc. I'm a Tokyo correspondent for some music webzines like All Music Magazine, Musicology and Chasing The Light Art

Also, you can find my profile and projects other than concert photography, check out  Lensculture.

Work with Me

I’m available for shooting gigs and touring! 

Get in touch with me using my contact form to discuss rates, press licensing, prints, and more.

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